March 21, 2023

The trustee for the defunct Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has announced that creditors have until March 10, 2023 (Japan Time) to register their repayment claims. This marks the final deadline for creditors to claim their share of the recovered assets from the exchange, which filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after 800,000 bitcoins were stolen.

Kobayashi has urged creditors to register their claims as soon as possible, as the team is dealing with a large number of inquiries and may not be able to respond to all questions in time. The repayment process has been outlined by the exchange’s rehabilitation committee and bankruptcy trustee, and includes the distribution of 200,000 recovered bitcoins and corresponding bitcoin cash.

The Mt Gox saga has been ongoing for several years, with creditors eagerly awaiting the distribution of the recovered assets. The exchange, which launched in 2010, was once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange before its downfall. The bankruptcy and subsequent recovery efforts have been closely watched by the cryptocurrency community, as they highlight the need for better security measures and regulation in the industry.

As the deadline for creditor registration approaches, it remains to be seen how many will come forward to claim their share of the recovered assets. However, the announcement marks a significant step towards the resolution of the Mt Gox case and the closure of one of the most infamous chapters in the history of cryptocurrency.

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