March 23, 2023


Jefferson City resident Matthew Klinger has been sentenced to five years of supervised probation for shooting a bitcoin ATM with a handgun. Klinger admitted to committing first-degree property damage, and it is unclear whether the machine was faulty or not.

Shooting the Bitcoin ATM

Klinger said he shot the bitcoin ATM so that it could not take money from anyone else. However, his actions caused damage to the machine and resulted in his arrest. The incident occurred in August of last year, and the case has been ongoing since then.

Supervised Probation Sentence

Klinger pleaded guilty to first-degree property damage and was recently sentenced to five years of supervised probation. The court will monitor him during this period.

Importance of Following Laws and Regulations

This case serves as a reminder that even though bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, users must still follow laws and regulations. Illegal activities can have severe consequences, as demonstrated in this case.

Bitcoin ATMs have become popular over the years as a quick and convenient way to buy or sell bitcoin. They are often located in public places such as shopping centers or gas stations. This incident is a warning that users must remember their responsibilities and abide by the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.

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