Mining in 2021? Profitability and Relevance

Mining of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, began on January 3, 2009. A considerable time has passed since the first block of bitcoins was mined with a reward of 50 coins. And at the moment, by mining, you can already get more currencies in addition to Bitcoin. The complexity of mining has also grown during this time. It gets harder and harder to mine coins. Alternative mining methods are emerging, such as staking (Ether 2.0). But still, how relevant is mining in 2021?

The relevance of mining does not fall over the years. Many people want to build their own mining farms in order to mine bitcoins. But when you calculate the cost of equipment and its maintenance, the question arises whether the time spent on the profit is relevant. Since 2009, mining has become more difficult, more equipment is needed, as well as the time. Only huge companies, that have adapted, remain on the market. Getting the latest equipment is not an easy task. Unfortunately, mining on your home computer like in 2009 will no longer work. And taking into account the unpredictability of the exchange rate for the long term, you should not go into loans. Therefore, there is an alternative – cloud mining of cryptocurrencies.

The Smart Hashes company invites users to try themselves in cloud mining – the package price ranges from $5. Pros of cloud mining:

  1. There is no need to purchase equipment;
  2. Exemption from waste on electricity, as the company uses alternative methods of generating electricity;
  3. The user does not pay for the depreciation expenses of the equipment.
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Smart Hashes provides some of its equipment for general use. The number of free GH/s is limited, but the company is constantly increasing it. According to statistics, about 5000 investors join Smart Heshes every day. And to start mining, there are only 3 steps for the beginners, which greatly simplifies the work with the service. Registration takes 1 minute, selection of a package for any investment budget, payment and withdrawal in a convenient public cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Smart Hashes does not stop here and in the near future will appear payment with Visa and Master Cards.

The relevance of mining has only increased. The shortage of mining equipment, for which you need to queue up, is the best proof. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the giants of cloud mining in order to rent their equipment and start mining right now.