March 28, 2023

significant near-surface, high-grade gold mineralization,” according to the Canaccord Genuity report. This mineralization was found in and around one of the breccia pipes at the property, which bodes well for the other five breccia pipes located there.
“This is a positive development for Dakota Gold and its shareholders,” said Fairbairn. “The presence of high-grade gold mineralization in such close proximity to the surface is a strong indication of the potential for a profitable mining operation.”
Drilling Continues
Dakota Gold is continuing its drilling program at Richmond Hill, with a focus on the other breccia pipes located on the property. The company is also exploring other properties in the Homestake District, which has a long history of gold mining.
“We are excited about the potential of our properties in the Homestake District,” said Dakota Gold CEO John Smith. “The results of our drilling program at Richmond Hill are very encouraging, and we look forward to continuing our exploration efforts in the area.”
Investors Take Note
With Canaccord Genuity’s target price on Dakota Gold at US$5 per share, investors may want to take a closer look at the company. The current share price of US$2.86 per share represents a significant potential return for those who invest in the company now.
“Dakota Gold is a Speculative Buy, but the potential rewards for investors are significant,” said Fairbairn. “We believe that the company’s exploration efforts in the Homestake District could lead to the discovery of a major gold deposit, and that would be a game-changer for Dakota Gold and its shareholders.”

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