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In a recent analysis, Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, has made a bold prediction about the future of altcoins. Kang believes that more than 98% of altcoins have peaked in their current market cycle. This forecast has significant implications for investors and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Altcoins Topping Out

According to Kang, the majority of altcoins have already reached their market cycle peak. This means that these digital assets are unlikely to see substantial new highs in the foreseeable future. The prediction, shared via Wu Blockchain, has stirred discussions among crypto enthusiasts and investors alike.

A Handful of Exceptions

While the outlook appears grim for most altcoins, Kang does mention a few exceptions. He suggests that a handful of coins might still have the potential to reach new highs. Specifically, these potential gains are expected to occur in Q4 2024 or the first quarter of 2025. This nuanced view indicates that while the market may be saturated with peaked altcoins, there are still opportunities for strategic investments.

Bitcoin’s Transitional Phase

In contrast to the bearish outlook on altcoins, Kang notes that Bitcoin is in a transitional phase. Unlike altcoins, Bitcoin may still have room for growth and evolution. This observation aligns with the broader market sentiment that sees Bitcoin as a more stable and promising investment compared to its more volatile counterparts.

Market Implications

Kang’s prediction has several implications for the crypto market:

  1. Investor Strategy: Investors may need to reconsider their portfolios, focusing more on stable coins and potential outliers that could defy the general trend.
  2. Market Dynamics: The saturation of peaked altcoins could lead to increased scrutiny and a shift towards more sustainable and innovative projects.
  3. Future Predictions: Kang’s insights may prompt further analysis and predictions from other market experts, potentially influencing market behavior.


The forecast by Andrew Kang, predicting that over 98% of altcoins have reached their peak, presents a critical perspective on the current state of the crypto market. While it signals a challenging period for many altcoins, it also highlights opportunities for strategic investments in select coins and the continued evolution of Bitcoin. Investors and market participants will be keenly watching the market dynamics as they unfold in the coming months.


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