March 28, 2023

Tensor Takes Page from Blur’s Playbook, Captures Market Share in Solana NFT Marketplace

Tensor, a relatively small contender in the Solana NFT marketplace wars, is quickly capturing market share after taking a page from the playbook of leading Ethereum platform Blur—by targeting “pro” traders and providing “loyalty” rewards for using its marketplace.

The platform launched its “Season 1 airdrop” on Monday, letting Solana NFT collectors claim free reward boxes given out in proportion to their trading activity on the blockchain network. Anyone who bought or sold a Solana NFT on any marketplace over the past six months is eligible, and those who did so on Tensor will receive “25x-50x more rewards,” per a tweet.

It’s extremely close in design, execution, and aesthetic to the model pioneered by Blur, an upstart Ethereum NFT marketplace that debuted last October. In February, Blur rocketed to the top of the charts in terms of Ethereum NFT trading.

But Tensor is quickly catching up, thanks to its focus on pro traders and its rewards program. The platform has seen a surge in trading activity since the launch of its airdrop, with many collectors flocking to the marketplace to claim their free reward boxes.

“Tensor is quickly becoming the go-to marketplace for serious Solana NFT collectors,” said one industry insider. “Their rewards program is a game-changer, and it’s clear that they’re taking market share away from other platforms.”

With the NFT market continuing to heat up, it’s likely that we’ll see more platforms adopt similar strategies to capture market share. But for now, Tensor seems to be leading the charge in the Solana NFT marketplace.

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