kylins network canary parachain pichiu is gearing up to secure its slot on kusama

Pichiu, Kylin’s Network’s canary parachain, is preparing to take its place on Kusama.

Just like Kylin Network is poised to bring a cross-chain platform that would power the data economy on Polkadot, it’s canary parachain, Pichiu, would do the same, only sooner–on Kusama.

Initially, Kylin aimed to launch directly on Polkadot, but the growing adoption of Kusama led the team to adjust its course and reconsider managing two parachains, with Kusama used for testing more innovative or experimental data feeding (like uploading your genome, for example!).

In October last year, the team announced it would be securing a slot on the Polkadot’s sister network–leveraging a faster adoption and implementation of Kylin Network and DeData standards.

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