March 21, 2023

In a surprising move, a federal judge has given the green light to Voyager Digital’s billion-dollar deal with Binance US. The deal, which had been under scrutiny due to the ongoing investigations by the SEC, will allow Voyager’s investors to recoup between 50-73% of their holdings. This is contingent on the outcome of Alameda’s lawsuit against Voyager and the recent appreciation in the value of crypto assets.

The approval of the deal comes as a relief to Voyager’s creditors, who stand to gain about $100 million more if the deal goes through. The deal will also allow Voyager to expand its reach and offer its services to a wider audience.

The SEC’s recent crackdown on the crypto industry has caused concern among many entities, who believe that the regulator is casting too wide of a dragnet. However, the approval of Voyager’s deal with Binance US shows that not all entities are being targeted by the SEC.

The crypto industry has been plagued by a series of meltdowns in recent years, and the SEC’s push for hard-hitting regulation is aimed at preventing further incidents. While caution is definitely warranted, it is important to strike a balance between regulation and innovation.

The approval of Voyager’s deal with Binance US is a positive development for the crypto industry, and it shows that there is still room for growth and expansion. As the industry continues to evolve, it is important for regulators to work with entities to ensure that innovation is not stifled.

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