March 31, 2023

With the recent news surrounding Kraken and the SEC, many digital currency participants believe a staking ban could be around the corner.
Could Kraken Just Be the Start?
Earlier today, Live Bitcoin News put out an article talking about how popular digital currency exchange Kraken had settled with the SEC and agreed to shut down its staking program as part of the settlement. The company will also part with more than $30 million in penalty fees. A spokesperson for Kraken offered the following statement:
Starting today, [except for] staked ether, assets enrolled in the on-chain staking program by U.S. clients will automatically be unstaked and will no longer earn staking rewards. Further, U.S. clients will not be able to stake additional assets, including ETH.
It’s unclear if this will cause other staking programs in the United States to be struck down. Francesco…

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