Iron Fish Launches Its Mainnet and Airdrop

Iron Fish Launches Its Mainnet, a Layer-1 Blockchain Platform for Private Crypto Transactions

Iron Fish, the privacy platform for web3, has launched its mainnet, a major milestone in its mission to make web3 safe and private while deterring bad actors. With the launch of the mainnet, Iron Fish has taken a significant step towards realizing its vision of becoming the privacy platform for all crypto transactions.

Iron Fish uses zero-knowledge proofs

As a fully encrypted, layer-1 blockchain, Iron Fish uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to protect users’ personal data. Compliance is built-in, and every Iron Fish account comes with a set of view keys that allow users to provide read-only access to their transaction records as necessary.

Iron Fish has been designed with accessibility in mind, and anyone can install it with just one line in the terminal. The platform has frequently been praised by users in Discord for being their first experience with the command line. In addition, Iron Fish is currently working on an upcoming GUI wallet, which will make usage even simpler.

Iron Fish is that it provides encryption for all

One of the most significant advantages of Iron Fish is that it provides encryption for all. Everyone in the world can host a node, start mining, mint/burn custom assets, and transfer assets. For those interested in mining, Iron Fish has a day-1 mining guide available to get started.

The Iron Fish community is also essential to the platform’s success. With a focus on open source tools, clear onboarding, and welcoming gathering spaces, more people can join in. The testnet processed over 50 million transactions, all shielded using zero-knowledge proofs, making Iron Fish one of the largest processors of ZKPs ever. In the Incentivized Testnet’s Phase 3, there were over 60,000 concurrent nodes online.

The need for privacy in the crypto space is not going anywhere, and Iron Fish plans to keep building and breaking records, stretching the possibilities of what crypto can do. The platform is currently accepting vendors, partners, or bridge operators interested in integrating Iron Fish to contact [email protected].


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