Instagram to end support for digital collectibles NFT

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Instagram has announced that support for digital collectibles will be phased out beginning April 11, 2023. Users are urged to act and consider moving to decentralised platforms in order to maintain control over their collectible assets.

This move emphasises the centralised nature of social media platforms, as well as the risks associated with storing valuable assets in such centralised systems. Instead, users should shift to decentralised systems where they can maintain full control over their collectibles and prevent such abrupt changes from affecting their assets.

Instagram users who currently have digital collectibles are advised to take action immediately and download their information related to collectibles, and move their assets to decentralised platforms to ensure they are not affected by the upcoming changes.

It is time to embrace decentralised platforms and reap the full benefits of blockchain technology, which allows users to take control of their assets while mitigating the risks associated with centralised systems.

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