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Hong Kong regulators are set to host a meeting next month aimed at providing guidance to cryptocurrency firms on banking services. The move comes as the crypto industry continues to face challenges in accessing traditional banking services, particularly in the wake of regulatory concerns around money laundering and terrorist financing.

The SFC and HKMA are joining forces to provide an opportunity for banks and crypto firms to exchange views and discuss potential solutions to the challenges facing the industry. The meeting will focus on the regulatory and operational obstacles that crypto firms face when trying to access banking services.

Hong Kong is renowned as a hub for financial services in Asia, and regulators are keen to maintain the city’s position as a key player in the global financial system. The move to provide guidance to crypto firms on banking services is seen as part of this effort.

Crypto industry experts have welcomed the move, with some saying that it could help to improve the image of the crypto industry and increase adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region. However, others have cautioned that the meeting may not result in any concrete action being taken, and that crypto firms may continue to face challenges in accessing banking services in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on April 19, and it remains to be seen what concrete steps will be taken to address the challenges facing the crypto industry in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the collaboration between the SFC and HKMA signals a positive development in the effort to bridge the gap between crypto firms and traditional banking services.


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