March 23, 2023

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. Reports Production Figures for February 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia – HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: HIVE) (Nasdaq: HIVE) (FSE: HBFA) has announced its production figures for the month of February 2023. The company produced 250 Bitcoin in February, with a current BTC HODL balance of approximately 2,340 Bitcoin mined using computational power sourced from green energy.

HIVE reached over 3 Exahash (EH) of Bitcoin mining capacity in February, with an average hashrate of 2.75 EH/s for the month. The company utilized ASIC and GPU mining operations to produce an average of 91 Bitcoin per EH.

HIVE’s commitment to green energy is reflected in its use of computational power sourced from renewable energy sources. The company’s focus on sustainability has helped it to become a leader in the Bitcoin mining industry.

“We are pleased to report another strong month of Bitcoin production,” said Frank Holmes, Interim Executive Chairman of HIVE. “Our commitment to green energy and sustainable practices has helped us to achieve our production targets while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

HIVE’s success in Bitcoin mining has made it a top performer in the industry. The company’s focus on sustainability and innovation has helped it to stay ahead of the competition and continue to produce impressive results.

Investors can look forward to continued growth and success from HIVE as the company continues to expand its operations and explore new opportunities in the Bitcoin mining industry.

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