April 1, 2023

are now urging the company to reconsider its plans, citing concerns over the potential negative impact on young users. In their letter to Zuckerberg, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn expressed their worries that the app could expose teenagers to harmful content and online predators.

The senators also pointed out that Facebook’s track record with children’s apps has been less than stellar. The company has faced criticism in the past for its handling of the Messenger Kids app, which was found to have a design flaw that allowed children to join group chats with strangers.

“Given Facebook’s history of failing to protect children online, we urge you to reconsider your plans to release Horizon Worlds to teenagers,” the senators wrote in their letter.

Meta has not yet responded to the senators’ request, but the company has previously defended its plans for Horizon Worlds. In a statement to the WSJ, a Meta spokesperson said that the app would have “robust safety features” and that the company was committed to ensuring a safe and positive experience for all users.

The debate over the safety of metaverse apps for young users is likely to continue as more companies enter the space. With the metaverse expected to become a major part of the digital landscape in the coming years, it will be up to companies like Meta to prove that they can create safe and responsible platforms for users of all ages.

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