Harmony will deploy Onomy's hybrid DEX/Forex market.

Harmony will deploy Onomy’s hybrid DEX & Forex market.

Onomy Protocol recently announced teaming up with  Harmony, adding the highly scalable, low-energy blockchain based on a sharded architecture to a growing list of cross-chain deployments.

The integration will combine the deployment of Onomy’s hybrid DEX, multi-currency stablecoins, and a bi-directional bridge.

Onomy’s robust infrastructure includes an application-specific Layer 1 blockchain built with Cosmos Tendermint, a hybrid DEX and Forex marketplace, a stablecoin minting system, and a non-custodial wallet.

Onomy’s hybrid DEX and Forex market arrives to Harmony 

As the integration is completed, Harmony’s community will be able to natively access Onomy’s upcoming hybrid DEX, dubbed ONEX, announced the protocol on Twitter.


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