March 23, 2023

Giddy Wallet Launches Autogas Feature on Polygon Network

Giddy Wallet, a self-custodial digital wallet, has announced the launch of its autogas feature on the Polygon Network. The new feature will allow users to settle gas payments using crypto assets such as the USD coin (USDC), MATIC, and the firm’s native token. The feature will be available on Giddy’s mobile application.

In a blog post shared on March 2, the Giddy team revealed that the autogas feature marks a significant milestone for the digital wallet. It is the first wallet to provide users with a wide range of services on the Polygon Network necessary to complete transactions without involving MATIC.

The autogas feature is expected to create additional features and improve access to services crucial in building the Polygon ecosystem. Giddy’s latest development comes at a time when the crypto space is experiencing significant changes.

In a statement issued by Giddy’s team, they expressed their excitement about the launch of the autogas feature. They noted that the feature would make it easier for users to complete transactions on the Polygon Network without worrying about gas fees.

The Giddy team also highlighted the benefits of using the autogas feature. They noted that it would help users save time and money by automating the gas payment process. The feature would also ensure that users do not miss out on any transactions due to insufficient gas fees.

The launch of the autogas feature is expected to attract more users to the Giddy Wallet and the Polygon Network. It is also expected to boost the adoption of crypto assets as a means of payment. With the autogas feature, users can now settle gas payments using their crypto assets, making it easier to use digital currencies in everyday transactions.

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