March 21, 2023

Gate Group Announces Launch of Gate Visa Debit Card for Crypto Payments

The Gate Group, a leading provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, has announced the launch of a new Visa debit card that will allow users in Europe to spend their crypto at over 80 million merchant points globally. The Gate Visa debit card will also enable users to track and manage their crypto spending using a Gate Card app.

The partnership with is Visa’s latest collaboration with a crypto-focused company, as the payment giant continues to explore the potential of digital currencies. The Gate Group’s new venture, Gate Visa debit card, will be run via the company’s Lithuania-based subsidiary Gate Global UAB, and will be open to users within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The Gate Group aims to promote further adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe by making it easier for crypto holders to pay with their digital assets. The Gate Visa debit card will allow users to spend their crypto at any merchant that accepts Visa payments, providing a seamless and convenient way to use digital currencies in everyday transactions.

“We are excited to launch the Gate Visa debit card, which will enable crypto holders to easily and seamlessly pay with cryptocurrencies,” said Marie Tatibouet, CMO at “We believe that this partnership with Visa will help to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe and beyond.”

The Gate Visa debit card is just one of many initiatives that the Gate Group has launched to promote the use of digital currencies. The company has also developed a range of blockchain-based solutions for businesses, including supply chain management, digital identity verification, and asset tokenization.

As the world continues to embrace digital currencies, the Gate Group is well-positioned to play a leading role in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. With the launch of the Gate Visa debit card, the company is taking another step towards making crypto payments a mainstream reality.

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