April 1, 2023


The Degen Zoo game is a virtual zoo where players can collect and trade NFT animals. The game has already gained a lot of attention from the NFT community, with many praising Zaknun for his quick development and dedication to charity.

In a statement, Zaknun said, “I wanted to prove that it doesn’t take years to develop a successful NFT game. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible. And I’m proud to say that all profits from Degen Zoo will go to charity.”

The Degen Zoo game is now available for purchase on the DAO Maker platform, with all proceeds going to charity. The game has already sold out its initial batch of NFT animals, with more expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Many in the NFT community are excited about the potential of Degen Zoo, with some even calling it the next big thing in NFT gaming. With its unique concept and dedication to charity, Degen Zoo is sure to make a splash in the NFT world.

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