March 21, 2023

noted that the suspension would not affect the trading of other assets on the platform.

CoinFLEX’s Native Token Surges Past 15%

Following the announcement, CoinFLEX’s native token, FLEX, surged past 15%. The token’s value has been on a steady rise since the exchange announced its restructuring plan. The favorable ruling by the Seychelles court has further propelled the token’s value.

CoinFLEX has been embattled in recent times, with the exchange facing several challenges. The restructuring plan is aimed at addressing these challenges and positioning the exchange for growth.

The exchange’s management expressed gratitude to the Seychelles court for granting the favorable ruling. They also thanked the community for their support and assured them of the firm’s commitment to providing a secure and reliable trading platform.

CoinFLEX is a leading crypto exchange that offers futures trading for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange is known for its innovative products and services, including its unique FlexUSD stablecoin. With the restructuring plan now approved, the exchange is poised to continue providing top-notch services to its users.

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