March 31, 2023

Fireblocks, a leading crypto custody and settlement provider, is doubling down on its commitment to Web3 products. Omer Amsel, the head of Web3 products at Fireblocks, recently spoke with Decrypt’s Jason Nelson at ETH Denver about the company’s strategy and vision for the future.

According to Amsel, Fireblocks is focused on providing “picks and shovels” for the crypto industry. This means that the company is more interested in building the infrastructure and tools that enable others to create innovative products and services, rather than trying to be the next big thing itself.

Amsel also emphasized the importance of building during market cycles. He believes that the ups and downs of the crypto market provide the perfect opportunity to focus on development and innovation, rather than just chasing short-term gains.

Despite the recent volatility in the crypto market, Fireblocks remains bullish on the long-term promise of Web3. Amsel sees a future where decentralized applications and services are the norm, and where users have more control over their data and digital identities.

Overall, Fireblocks’ laser focus on Web3 products and infrastructure could prove to be a smart strategy in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. As the industry continues to mature and new use cases emerge, companies that provide the tools and support for innovation are likely to be in high demand.

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