Filecoin Launches Open-Source Alternative to AWS, GCP, and Azure

The engineering team within the Filecoin ecosystem has achieved a significant milestone in the Filecoin Web Services (FWS) project. The team has launched the beginnings of an open-source alternative to cloud giants such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. This cloud platform leverages the potential of Filecoin, which is currently the world’s largest decentralized storage network. This milestone is a crucial step towards providing developers with a practical cloud alternative worldwide.

What is FWS?

Filecoin Web Services (FWS) is a set of storage and computing technologies built on top of the Filecoin network. The Filecoin network is a decentralized storage network that has network revenue and incentivization built-in. The cloud has a great developer experience, which is why the team’s ambition is to achieve the benefits of cloud level DX alongside the transparent and open source incentivization layers that decentralized networks can provide. The components provided by FWS are designed to be scalable, flexible, and secure, making them suitable for a wide range of use cases.

FWS Lineup


Estuary is a suite of several components, including the Estuary Node, which is a Filecoin storage node that is easily deployable and manageable. Additionally, the Estuary Dashboard provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing storage deals on the network. Estuary offers various developer tools and APIs, such as the Estuary API, which enables developers to build storage applications on top of Filecoin, and the Estuary SDK, which offers a range of libraries and tools for integration with the network.

Delta Technology Stack

The Delta Technology Stack is a suite of open-source tools for creating and managing Filecoin storage network deals. This includes the Delta Deal Making Engine, Delta Dataset Manager for large datasets, and Edge-UR Gateway for storing and serving unsealed copies.

Explaining Delta

Delta simplifies the process of preparing and managing storage deals on the Filecoin network. Delta can manage data, including versioning, metadata, and storage deal status, all of which makes it easier for users to publish their data on the Filecoin network. The Delta Deal Making Engine enables users to specify the terms of the storage deal, such as the amount of storage space needed, the price, and the conditions for the exchange. The platform then uses smart contracts on the Filecoin network to enforce the terms of the storage deal and facilitate the transaction.

– Deal proposal preparation and announcement
– Piece commitment computation and optimization
– E2E/import support (online/offline)
– Auto/manual repair and deal renewal
Wallet assignment
– Storage provider assignment and selection
– Blockstore cleanup
– Deal status management
– Replication management


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