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Join Our Telegram Group

Dojima Network, a cross-chain and multi-chain platform that enables interoperability between various independent chains, has announced that it will be launching its mainnet in 2023. The team is currently working with developers and users to perfect the operating network of the Dojima cross-chain platform and integrate different projects into the network.

The Dojima Network team has been actively engaging with the community over the past few months. They have organized various community events, such as a Community trivia event on their Discord channel on the 19th of May. They have also scheduled other community events that will be announced soon on all their announcement channels. Additionally, they have commenced an airdrop campaign to reward members for being active on their channels.

The Dojima Network team is also working on expanding their partnerships. They have been in talks with various projects on how to collaborate to build a desired product for the space. Their goals and objectives have not changed. They are still committed to building a cross-chain platform that will enable developers to build cross-chain DApps.

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