March 30, 2023

r/CryptoCurrency Joins SushiSwap’s Dual Rewards Program Onsen

The popular subreddit r/CryptoCurrency has partnered with SushiSwap’s Onsen program to provide liquidity providers (LPs) with exchange fees, SUSHI, and MOON rewards. The move aims to deepen the MOON token liquidity, according to a governance post from February.

SushiSwap’s business development lead Truda Hamzik expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying the team was “honored to have established a connection with the r/CryptoCurrency team and have intentions to maintain a close working relationship with the team going forward.”

The collaboration began when SushiSwap came across r/CryptoCurrency’s governance proposal. Hamzik reached out to the team and drafted a simple article to help them understand how the Onsen program worked. After a call to clarify any questions, the r/CryptoCurrency team was onboard a day later.

SushiSwap is a fork of the popular decentralized exchange and offers trading and liquidity provision services. The Onsen program is a dual rewards system that incentivizes LPs to provide liquidity to specific pools by offering them a share of the exchange fees and SUSHI tokens. The addition of MOON rewards is expected to further incentivize LPs to provide liquidity to the MOON pool.

The partnership between r/CryptoCurrency and SushiSwap is expected to benefit both parties, with r/CryptoCurrency gaining access to SushiSwap’s liquidity and SushiSwap benefiting from increased exposure to the subreddit’s large user base.

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