Coinbase Base Launching Mainnet in 2023

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During an interview with TechCrunch, Jesse Pollak, the lead for Coinbase’s Base and head of protocols, revealed that the Ethereum-focused layer 2 blockchain platform is planning to launch its mainnet in 2023. Base aims to achieve its decentralization goals and bring a million builders and a billion users on-chain through its user-friendly platform products.

Pollak also mentioned that various crypto businesses, marketplaces, and infrastructure firms, including Aave and Chainlink, have committed to building on Base.

Over the next decade, Coinbase plans to extract value from Base and assist in expanding on-chain products and activities. However, Pollak emphasized that Base and Coinbase would work together to bring millions of developers and billions of users on-chain, with Base not surpassing Coinbase.

To live up to Coinbase’s values and ethos, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong informed Pollak that Base must be decentralized. Pollak stated that Base hopes to achieve decentralization within “months or years” rather than a decade.

During the podcast interview, Pollak also discussed Base’s future plans, potential regulatory impacts on the blockchain, the international growth of developers, community benefits of building on Base, and the platform’s performance to date.

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