March 30, 2023

Celsius had identified a group of users who were eligible to withdraw their funds based on their account balances and the date of their last deposit. The company also stated that it would be processing withdrawals in batches to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

While many users were thrilled to finally have access to their funds, some expressed frustration with the lengthy wait and lack of communication from Celsius. One user tweeted, “It’s great that I can finally withdraw my funds, but it shouldn’t have taken almost a year to get to this point. Celsius needs to do better.”

Celsius, which was once a popular lending platform for cryptocurrency, filed for bankruptcy in May 2020 after facing financial difficulties. The company had previously banned withdrawals in the months leading up to its bankruptcy filing, leaving many users unable to access their funds.

Despite the recent progress in allowing withdrawals, it remains unclear when all Celsius users will be able to recover their funds. The company has not provided any updates on the status of its bankruptcy proceedings or plans for distributing remaining assets to users.

In the meantime, many Celsius users are relieved to finally have some access to their funds and are hopeful that the company will continue to make progress in resolving its financial issues.

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