Cardano is up 13% on rumours of a burn mechanism rollout

Rumors concerning the impending inclusion of a burn mechanism for Cardano could be fueling ADA’s price rise. WatcherGuru published the storey on Twitter, eliciting a response from the ADA community.

A tweet from Clark Alesna, the developer and CEO of SAIB Inc, could be the source of the rumour. Alesna accepted Hoskinson’s “challenge” and stated that he will begin developing a burn smart contract for ADA. Alesna expressed her thoughts as follows:

It appears that no one responded to Charles Hoskinson’s challenge to create a #Cardano $ADA burn smart contract, which he issued some time ago. So, this weekend, I took matters into my own hands and began planning and coding it. I’ll get you an update as soon as I can.

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