As GoFundMe’s fundraising campaign comes to an end, Canadian truckers embrace Bitcoin donations.

Freedom Convoy, a group of the Canada-based truckers, protesting for the denouement of the country’s COVID-related mandates and the re-establishment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, had been provided with the donations of up to C$10M (nearly $7.8M) until GoFundMe (the venue responsible for conveying the respective funding) froze those donations citing the infringement of the terms of service thereof. In the statement, GoFundMe noted that the platform supports peaceful protests, and they hope so to be the intention of the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser on its creation.

It further mentioned that the venue has clear evidence provided by the law enforcement agencies that the previously peaceful protest had transformed into unlawful and violent activity. It added that the respective fundraiser had violated their terms of service as the 8th term prohibits the advocacy of harassment and violence. Thus, it asserted, it would be eliminated out of the venue.

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