Canada’s Bankrupt ‘Crypto King’ Allegedly Kidnapped, Tortured, and Held for Ransom

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Aiden Pleterski, a 23-year-old self-proclaimed “Crypto King” from Ontario, Canada, was allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and held for ransom last December. According to court documents filed earlier this month, Pleterski was targeted by his attackers after allegedly fleecing investors out of millions of dollars through an investment scheme.

Aiden Pleterski accused of running an investment scheme, held for $3 million ransom

Pleterski had been petitioned into bankruptcy last August, and claims against him in his bankruptcy case amount to $25 million Canadian dollars. The latest trustee report from the bankruptcy proceedings alleges that Pleterski sank investor funds into two properties worth $5.5 million in total, among other fraudulent activities.

Details of Pleterski’s kidnapping and torture were shared by his father and associates, who said he was taken from Toronto and held hostage by kidnappers demanding at least $3 million. Pleterski was reportedly released after his kidnappers received a promise of payment.

The incident has shed light on the dangers of investing in the largely unregulated world of cryptocurrency, where fraud and scams are rampant. Authorities continue to investigate Pleterski’s case as they try to unravel what he did with the money he received from investors.

Despite the risks, cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity as an investment option for many. Investors are advised to exercise caution and thoroughly research any potential investments before committing their funds.

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