Canada is attempting to enact new regulations that will prevent truckers from receiving cryptocurrency donations.

Justin Trudeau – the cowardly prime minister of Canada who ran and fled the country when truckers and other citizens refused to accept his tyranny – is invoking emergency powers as a means of stopping the trucker freedom convoy from being able to accept cryptocurrency donations.

Canada Seeks to Stop BTC Donations for Truckers

Canada – much like the United States and several other nations around the world – has worked hard to instill unconstitutional vaccine mandates allegedly meant to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Several have objected to these mandates, claiming that they go against the civil liberties that many individuals receive just by being born. You cannot force people to make medical decisions they may not feel are right for themselves, and in areas like the U.S., it’s refreshing to know that the court systems are willing to stand up and say “no.”

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