March 22, 2023

guess I’m not cool enough for their platform anymore.”
Krugman’s tweet was met with a wave of responses from bitcoin supporters who saw this as an opportunity to promote the benefits of censorship-resistant payment systems. Many pointed out that Krugman’s experience highlights the growing interest in decentralized payment systems that are not controlled by a single entity.
“Welcome to the world of censorship-resistant payments, Paul,” one user tweeted. “Bitcoin doesn’t discriminate against anyone.”
Another user added, “This is why we need decentralized payment systems. No one should have the power to deny you access to your own money.”
Krugman’s experience with Venmo is not unique. Many people have reported issues with centralized payment processors, including frozen accounts and delayed transactions. This has led to a growing interest in decentralized payment systems like bitcoin, which are not controlled by any single entity and are therefore more resistant to censorship and interference.
As more people become aware of the limitations of centralized payment processors, it is likely that we will see a continued shift towards decentralized payment systems. While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still in their early stages, they offer a promising alternative to traditional payment methods that are subject to censorship and control.

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