BItcoin NFT Marketplace ‘UNISAT’ has been attack with double-spend

BItcoin NFT Marketplace ‘UNISAT’ has been attack with double-spend

UniSat Marketplace, which recently launched, has temporarily been made unavailable due to a large number of double-spend attacks that were experienced a few hours ago. The attacks were as a result of a vulnerability in the codebase. The UniSat team, during their testing last week, simulated different approaches to double-spend attacks and made improvements and enhancements to the code. However, the initial public version still exposed some problems, leading to the attacks.

Preliminary investigations have been conducted, and out of the 383 transactions that took place during the time of the attack, 70 transactions have been identified as being affected. In the next few days, further investigations will be carried out, and users who suffered losses during the incident will be compensated.

UniSat has advised users who believe their orders were affected to open a ticket on their Discord server and provide as much relevant information as possible about the transactions involved, including wallet address and screenshots. The team may ask for more information in the coming hours.

UniSat acknowledges that brc-20 is still very young, and as the first brc-20 wallet provider and marketplace provider, they are constantly facing numerous issues. The team is committed to resolving the issue and moving forward with the support of their users.

In the coming days, UniSat will compensate all affected users, conduct a comprehensive inspection, and consolidation of the issues that have been exposed. The subsequent service opening time will be updated on their platform.

UniSat has apologized for the inconvenience caused and thanked users for their support and patience.


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