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Bitcoin recently surged to almost $63,000, though it now faces significant headwinds due to concerns surrounding the impending Mt. Gox Bitcoin distributions and potential interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. As of the latest trading data on Binance, Bitcoin is hovering around $62,700 against Tether (USDT).

Technical Analysis

The Bitcoin/USDT chart reveals several important trends and indicators:

  • Short-Term Trends: After nearing $63,000, Bitcoin experienced a slight decline, as seen in the recent dip on the chart.
  • Moving Averages: The chart features 7-day, 25-day, and 99-day simple moving averages (SMA), which help illustrate both short-term and long-term price movements.
  • The 7-day SMA reacts quickly to price changes.
  • The 25-day SMA provides a balance between short and medium-term trends.
  • The 99-day SMA highlights long-term trends and overall market sentiment.

Current Concerns

  • Mt. Gox Distributions: The potential release of a substantial amount of Bitcoin from the Mt. Gox rehabilitation process could lead to significant selling pressure. Creditors may choose to liquidate their Bitcoin holdings, impacting the market.
  • Interest Rate Changes: The Federal Reserve’s anticipated interest rate hikes add another layer of uncertainty. Higher interest rates typically reduce the attractiveness of riskier assets, including cryptocurrencies, as investors may shift towards safer investments.

Price Prediction

Given these factors, Bitcoin is likely to experience continued volatility. Key support is identified around $62,000, with resistance near $63,000. Should Bitcoin maintain above the $62,000 support level, it might rebound to the $64,000-$65,000 range. However, a break below $62,000 could lead to further declines.


This analysis is not financial advice and should not be taken as such. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and it is essential to conduct your own research or consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


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