Coinbase Ventures Q1 recap and market outlook

coinbase ventures q1 recap and market outlook

Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. Written by Connor Dempsey TLDR: Despite the market downturn, Q1 was another highly active quarter for crypto venture funding. On the infrastructure side, we’re seeing a ton of activity within cross-chain solutions and DAO tooling. New layer-1s are still being incubated. Familiar DeFi primitives … Read moreCoinbase Ventures Q1 recap and market outlook

Exchanges have seen unprecedented outflows of Ether, while Bitcoin has broken over the $43,000 barrier.

ether sees record outflows from exchanges while bitcoin smashes through 43000

Bitcoin (BTC), which is currently trading above $43,000 at press time, has seen more than 15,000 BTC in withdrawals from exchanges this week as it rises above $42,000 and beyond. According to statistics from crypto experts IntoTheBlock, this is the highest outflow from exchanges since January 29th.

Crypto’s emergence as a geopolitical force

cryptos emergence as a geopolitical force

Examining crypto’s usage in Ukraine, sanctions, and the Biden Executive Order Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. Written by Connor Dempsey There’s a gravitational shift taking place within our industry. Since Russia’s shocking invasion of Ukraine, crypto has been: used to crowdfund tens of millions for the Ukrainian defense incorrectly … Read moreCrypto’s emergence as a geopolitical force

A New Crypto Security Solution Prevents Theft of Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets

When people evaluate the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, they can see why crypto security is so important. Online crypto wallets and exchanges have been hacked in large numbers in the last 24 months. “The value of cryptocurrency taken from victims climbed by 82% to $7.8 billion in 2021,” Chainalysis’ most recent Bitcoin Crime Report shows. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are increasing in value, and these findings demonstrate that cryptocurrencies operate in a chaotic environment that the traditional financial system ignores or refuses to recognize. Crypto Shield: For Crypto Security Because cryptocurrencies lack regulation, they cannot be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) like regular bank deposits. Boost Insurance and its InsurTech partner Breach Insurance have introduced Crypto Shield, a cryptocurrency insurance solution. According to ZDNet, the service would be used whenever cryptocurrencies are stored through exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance in the United States and other countries. Total crypto market cap at $1.734 trillion in the daily chart | Source: Related Article | A Crypto War Is Raging – Crypto Donations Fuel Russia-Ukraine War Retail wallet owners may use Crypto Shield to protect their bitcoin against theft. People who Crypto Shield insures may be compensated for the value of their coverage if the custodian is hacked or falls victim to a social engineering attack, leading to the loss of assets. Crypto Shield, which became online on February 15, is primarily concerned with bitcoin theft and crypto security. Shield protects 20 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Solana, Dogecoin, and stablecoins. Bitcoin & Ether Latest Price Movement This week has started slowly for major cryptocurrencies. As February ends, both Bitcoin and Ethereum show negative patterns. Bitcoin is now valued at $39,398.04, with highs of $39,537.5 and lows of $35,000 for the month. It has increased…

Tether and the Swiss city of Lugano promise to make Lugano “Europe’s BTC Capital.”

tether the swiss city of lugano promise europes btc capital is it though

What’s “Lugano’s Plan B”? The 9th biggest city in Switzerland plans to become Europe’s Bitcoin city. And Tether is there to help. How will the two entities accomplish that?  On March 3rd, Tether’s Paolo Ardoino and Michele Foletti, the Mayor of the city of Lugano, will unveil the plan at a live-streamed conference.  #bitcoin and stablecoins are revolutionizing the financial sector. #tether and The City of Lugano🇨🇭 @luganomycity are teaming up to transform Lugano into the European #bitcoin capital. Every city needs a plan. Join Lugano's Plan ₿ — Tether (@Tether_to) February 21, 2022 Announcing the event, Tether summarized the situation as follows: “bitcoin and stablecoins are revolutionizing the financial sector. Tether and The City of Lugano are teaming up to transform Lugano into the European bitcoin capital.” For their part, the city’s official Twitter said, “The journey of the City of Lugano continues to discover the innovative sector #blockchain #Bitcoin #StableCoin.” Continua il percorso della Città di #Lugano alla scoperta del settore innovativo #blockchain #Bitcoin #StableCoin👉Prossimo incontro il 3 marzo 2022, ore 17 al LAC, su iscrizione, oppure streaming @Tether_to @LuganoLivingLab — Lugano (@luganomycity) February 21, 2022 “We at Tether_to and the Administration of the City of Lugano have been tirelessly working together to prepare Lugano’s Plan ₿!,” completed Tether’s Paolo Ardoino. He was also bold enough to predict, “100% crypto will relocate to Lugano.” We at @Tether_to and the Administration of the City of Lugano 🇨🇭 have been tirelessly working together to prepare Lugano's Plan ₿! 3rd March 2022 , I'll join @MicheleLugano (mayor) in a live conference, to disclose the plan!100% #crypto will relocate to Lugano 🤯#Bitcoin🇨🇭⚡️ — Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) February 21, 2022 This all sounds wonderful, but, are they selling smoke? Even though bitcoin is prominently shown in all of the promotional…

Short-term holders fuel volatility, and geopolitics panic markets, as BTC falls below $40,000.

With bitcoin trading mostly sideways during the weekend, without any major movement, the top cryptocurrency by market cap still fell under the important $40,000 mark.
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TA: Bitcoin Breaks $40K, Recovery Could Be Difficult!

Bitcoin extended decline below the $40,000 support against the US Dollar. BTC is correcting losses, but it might face resistance near the $39,500 zone. Bitcoin extended decline below the $40,000 and $39,500 support levels. The price is trading below $40,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $39,500 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could correct higher, but upsides might be limited above $40,000. Bitcoin Price Remains In Downtrend Bitcoin price failed to stay above the $42,000 support level and extended decline. BTC traded below the $41,200 support level to enter a bearish zone. The decline gained pace below the $40,000 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The pair even broke the $39,500 support and traded as low as $38,000. It is now correcting losses and trading above the $38,800 level. Bitcoin is now testing the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $40,450 swing high to $38,000 low. On the upside, an initial resistance is near the $29,300. The next key resistance is near the $39,500 level. There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $39,500 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The trend line is close to the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $40,450 swing high to $38,000 low. The main resistance is now forming near the $40,000 level. Source: BTCUSD on A clear move above the $40,000 resistance zone might start a decent increase. The next major resistance is near $40,450 and the 100 hourly simple moving average, above which the price might rise towards the $41,200 level. More Losses in BTC? If bitcoin fails to start a recovery wave above…

Cardano (ADA) is expected to reach $58 by 2030, according to a survey.

Cardano (ADA) is now trading at $0.992, a 2.73% drop from Friday’s value of $1.021. The cryptocurrency’s price has been on a declining trend since the start of February. Within the next 24 hours of trading, ADA is expected to trade at a low of $0.989 and a high of $1.04. It has a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1,415,938,600, with a market cap lower than previous weeks. Cardano’s price may retrace by 23.6% on its first level, according to the Fibonacci Retracements level. The FR level indicates where support and resistance are likely to integrate. In the medium term, the support level for ADA is at $0.823, although this level isn’t very stable.  If the price rises from this level, it will reach $0.98, its previous high, and then heighten towards $2. Cardano (ADA) Seen Reaching $58 Cardano’s future appears to have great hopes of further trading and an increase in stock prices. Its volatility is also expected to reap bountiful harvests as investments in its tokens become more mainstream. In its most recent panel survey, Finder — a comparison website and money app — investigated the case of Cardano and its price potential. Related Reading | New Cardano Milestone Might Be The Push It Needs To Scale $1.50 According to the researchers consulted, the price of Cardano will touch $58 by 2030. The group also forecasted that the smart contracts-enabled, peer-evaluated currency will end the year at $2.72. Its price could be headed in that direction as soon as investors build some upward momentum, with the current trend offering a buying opportunity. ADA total market cap at $32.88 billion in the daily chart | Source: New System Updates  Cardano has updated its message and system node activity throughout this week during wallet synchronization to include more information. They also improved the…

Bitcoin Dominance Drops To 42% As Price Declines Below $43,000

Bitcoin has continued its descent towards $40,000 proving that the reversal was only temporary. While there is not enough to rule out another recovery, the current trend does point to more downside before the digital asset can find its footing and recover above $44K. This hard-fought resistance point that the cryptocurrency had managed to beat is becoming more and more elusive. The decline is also apparent in the market dominance of the digital asset. Bitcoin which maintains a majority share of the crypto market continues to see fierce competition from other digital assets. As investors have moved towards altcoins for the gains, so have the market share gone with them. Bitcoin Market Dominance Declines Bitcoin had started out the year 2022 on a low note. It had been a hard month for the digital asset by that point and the effects from the December crash were still being felt across the market. Not only had the price of the digital asset taken a hit, but its market dominance had also suffered too, which saw it drop below 40% for the first tie in over six months. Related Reading | Top 5 Watershed Moments In BTC On-Chain Analysis’ History. Is Your Favorite In? It had quickly recovered after that but not by much. It had bounced up to a high of 43.46% at the beginning of the week following the market recovery. This would prove to be short-lived as altcoins once again mounted fierce competition. Networks like Ethereum and Solana lead the charge with a wide range of DeFi and NFT offerings. Bitcoin’s dominance quickly dropped after that. Crashing from its peak of 43.46% to its current position at 42.51%. BTC dominance declines to 42% | Source: Market Cap BTC Dominance on BTC still retains the majority dominance of the market…

Bitcoin Option Traders Seem Doubtful At Entering Directional Trades

Data from Bitcoin options shows that crypto traders are currently selling out and uncertain about entering directional bets on the coin’s future transactions. This is the highest occurrence of this kind of investors’ sentiments on the coin since last year May, when more than 50% of Bitcoin’s value declined. Arcane Research’s Report On Bitcoin Crypto market analysis company Arcane Research had recently published a report on the performance of Bitcoin. Their research highlighted that the coin experienced low volatility of over 70%, bolstering that this is the first time options traders have gone on a long-term bearish direction since last year May. Meanwhile, Bitcoin options enable traders to trade on BTC price movements; as the coin appreciates, the price of the options increases. Consequently, the analyzed low volatility shows that investors aren’t ready to bet on the direction of the leading cryptocurrency. Also, this is the first time that the coin’s options have been this cheap since May 2021. Related Reading | Bitcoin Dominance Will Continue To Decline In Favor Of Ethereum, Altcoins, FTX US President In addition, Arcane Research stated that the coin’s volatility skew has peaked since last May. The volatility skew evaluates the difference between market price and call price. Generally, the call option has been more costly than the pull options, creating a downward option skew. Moreover, the recent depreciation in BTC price, the current BTC option skew, has now surmounted to its highest since the overall crypto crash in May 2021. This suggests more sellers than buyers in the coin, resulting in a bearish market. Presently, Bitcoin option investors are the most bearish in a long while. Also, they’re hesitant about choosing a direction they feel that the BTC coin is moving in. Furthermore, the report shows that this signals traders to purchase cheap calls. A…