Bitcoin Could Be Worth A Million Dollars Per Coin By 2030, According to ARK Invest

Ark Invest is out with a new report that makes the bold prediction that the price of bitcoin could skyrocket to more than $1 million per coin by 2030.


There are many reasons to believe that the bitcoin price will continue to rise over the coming decades. And it’s not just because of bitcoin’s limited supply. In fact, with a total supply of nearly 21 million bitcoins, more than 17 million coins have already been mined according to CoinDesk’s bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been racking up headlines as of late thanks to wild price swings. What was once trading at less than $20,000 per coin at the end of the year 2020 is now worth $38,000. That’s an impressive rise for anyone who bought in early, but Ark Invest thinks the rise could be even bigger. According to the organization’s CEO, Catherine Wood, there is a chance bitcoin could be worth $1 million per coin by 2030.

Conclusion: Nobody knows what the future will bring, but it’s always good to plan for all possibilities. bitcoin is still in its early innings and has a lot of room to grow. If you think ARK Invest’s predictions are too conservative, there are a number of other organizations that have been making more aggressive price targets. A $1 million per coin prediction by 2030 might not be as far-fetched as some might think.

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