March 28, 2023


Another prominent Bitcoin Core maintainer has announced his resignation from the role. In a tweet published on February 25th, 2023, Michael Ford confirmed that he would be stepping down from his position as a maintainer of the Bitcoin Core codebase after seven years in the role.

The announcement comes just days after fellow Bitcoin Core developer Marco Falke announced his departure from the maintainer role. These resignations highlight the growing concerns around the centralization of Bitcoin development and the need for more decentralized control of the codebase.

In his tweet, Ford cited personal reasons for his decision to step down, stating that “it’s time for me to take a break and focus on other things.” He also expressed his gratitude to the Bitcoin community, saying that it had been an “incredible experience” to contribute to the development of the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Ford’s departure leaves just a small group of maintainers with direct access to the Bitcoin Core codebase, leading to concerns about the potential for centralization of power within the project. This issue was recently highlighted by the resignation of Jonas Schnelli, who cited increasing legal risks as a reason for his departure.

Bitcoin Core is the software that powers the majority of the Bitcoin network, and its development is overseen by a small group of maintainers who have the ability to make changes to the codebase. However, as the recent resignations have shown, this group is becoming increasingly centralized, raising concerns about the long-term sustainability and decentralization of the project.

Despite these concerns, the Bitcoin community remains optimistic about the future of the project, with many developers and contributors continuing to work on new features and improvements to the codebase. However, the need for more decentralized control over the development process remains a pressing concern, and it is likely that these issues will continue to be debated within the community for some time to come.

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