Bitcoin bulls are sticking to their prediction of $100,000.

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Bitcoin bulls are sticking to their prediction of $100,000

Despite the fact that the end of 2021 suggested that there could still be some concern in regard to the volatility of the market, there is no doubt that last year was huge for the cryptocurrency industry and one that was huge in general.

Indeed, there were a number of different things to look out for including things such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi), Ethereum (ETH-USD) and smaller cryptocurrencies, however it is was also a year that had plenty of impact on Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency, which had experienced a number of fluctuations over the last 12 months, had managed to hit an all-time high of a price near $69,000 in November, however it had been reduced to around $47,000 recently, leaving its market capitalization to being its second lowest and around 40% according to TradingView data.

Nonetheless, this has not stopped many bulls from predicting that Bitcoin will still be able to reach the $100,000 price that many have hoped it would, with many standing strong in their prediction and seemingly having as much confidence in it happening as before.

Naturally, there are a number of different factors that many individuals and experts may look to point to when it comes down to trying to back their prediction, with the gambling industry perhaps one of the biggest. Crypto gambling is an activity that is enjoyed by many holders of virtual currency, with the use of a Bitcoin casino continuing to increase due to the benefits that gamblers are able to enjoy when playing their favorite games. Additionally, to further support the suggestion that Bitcoin has benefited from this particular industry and will likely continue to do so, a study by Thomas Conlon and Richard McGee in 2020 has already shown that the Crypto token had enjoyed an increase in price once before because of the wagering industry.

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CryptosRus George Tung told Yahoo Finance that whilst in the “short-term, there may be some volatility,” he felt that in the “long-term, inflation is going to be a continuing issue, and Bitcoin is seen as the best hedge against inflation at this point.”

Blockstream’s chief strategy officer Samson Mow also appeared to double down on the prediction that Bitcoin will be a six-figure price by suggesting that it could happen inside the next six months. He stated: “We’ll see $100k within the first half of the year.”