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Binance’s Twitter account sparks controversy with a Family Guy meme depicting Peter Griffin classifying people by skin color, leading to community backlash and a public apology from the exchange.

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently faced significant backlash after posting a controversial image on their official Twitter account. The image, taken from the popular TV show Family Guy, showed the character Peter Griffin classifying people by skin color using a paint color chip card. This post quickly drew criticism for its racial insensitivity, prompting a public apology from Binance.

Controversial Tweet Explained

On 16 June 2024, Binance’s social media team posted an image featuring Peter Griffin from Family Guy holding up a paint color chip card. The image implied a classification of different skin tones, which was perceived as racially insensitive by the community. The backlash was swift, with many users expressing their disappointment and anger over the post.

The crypto community and social media users were quick to condemn the tweet. Many called out Binance for allowing such a post to go live, emphasizing the need for greater sensitivity and awareness in social media communications, especially from a major global company.

Binance’s Response

In response to the uproar, He Yi, Binance’s Co-Founder, and CMO, issued a statement apologizing for the incident. She explained that the social media team did not understand the implications of the image and assured that measures would be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.


While Binance’s swift apology and acknowledgment of the mistake were steps in the right direction, the incident underscores the ongoing need for better oversight and training in social media management. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, maintaining a respectful and inclusive community should remain a top priority for all involved.

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