Binance introduces an AI chatbot for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Binance introduces Sensei, an AI chatbot for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has just unveiled Sensei, a new AI chatbot designed to give cryptocurrency aficionados with real-time information about cryptocurrencies. The chatbot is powered by ChatGPT, a sophisticated language model built by OpenAI, and it claims to have been trained on over 1,000 Binance Academy articles and courses.

According to Binance, Sensei was created to assist both novices and advanced users in navigating the world of cryptocurrencies. The chatbot can answer a variety of questions, ranging from basic inquiries about prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to more technical issues like blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Sensei can currently only cover major coins and protocols, and certain information is still missing. There is no introduction to trading sites like Coinbase, and no information on famous meme coins. Binance, on the other hand, has claimed that they intend to continue training Sensei on other articles and courses from Binance Academy, which will extend its knowledge base over time.


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