Binance Delists QLC, NEBL, and AUTO Trading Pairs, Token Crash

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced that it will delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for three digital assets: Kepple (QLC), Neblio (NEBL), and Auto (AUTO). The decision to delist these tokens was made after a periodic review of each digital asset to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard that Binance expects.

When conducting these reviews, Binance considers several factors, including the commitment of the team to the project, the level and quality of development activity, trading volume and liquidity, stability and safety of network from attacks, network/smart contract stability, level of public communication, responsiveness to periodic due diligence requests, evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct or negligence, and contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem.

The exact trading pairs being removed are QLC/BTC, NEBL/USDT, NEBL/BUSD, NEBL/BTC, AUTO/USDT, AUTO/BUSD, and AUTO/BTC. All trade orders will be automatically removed after trading ceases in each respective trading pair. Deposits of these tokens after 2023-04-19 03:00 (UTC) will not be credited to users’ accounts, and withdrawals of these tokens from Binance will continue to be supported until 2023-07-18 at 03:00 (UTC).

Binance Margin will delist AUTO/USDT, AUTO/BUSD, and AUTO/BTC trading pairs from Isolated Margin at 2023-04-17 03:00 (UTC). At 2023-04-12 03:00 (UTC), Binance will suspend AUTO/USDT, AUTO/BUSD, and AUTO/BTC isolated margin borrowing. Users are strongly advised to close their positions and/or transfer their assets from Margin Wallets to Spot Wallets prior to the cessation of margin trading at 2023-04-17 03:00 (UTC). Binance will not be responsible for any potential losses.

Binance Simple Earn, Gift Card, and Pay will also delist the aforementioned tokens at 2023-04-18 03:00 (UTC). Users are suggested to manage their Gift Cards containing these tokens in advance to avoid any inconveniences. Binance will terminate strategy trading services for the aforementioned spot trading pairs at 2023-04-18 03:00 (UTC), where applicable.


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