October 27, 2021

Biggest DeFi Hack! Polygon Network Gets Hacked For More Than $600 million

polgon defi hack


PolyNetwork has confirm by tweet about the attack on its network where attcakrs where get away with more than $600 million worth of crypto asset inclluding $WBTC $RENBTC $WETH $DAI $UNI $SHIB.

Polygon network has argue miners and exchanges to blacklist the address and will start investigation and criminal charges against attackers

The Ethereum address 0xC8a65 that stolen PolyNetwork funds deposited funds into Curve.fi . The hacker has deposited $USDC and $DAI to the curve.

Till now Binance and Circle did not freeze BUSD and USDC like Tether.

polygon has also requested attackers to retun funds.

The Chinese community believes that this may be the largest DeFi attack in history!