March 30, 2023 Reveals America’s Most Congested Cities

According to a recent study by, New York City has been named the most congested city in America. During rush hour, drivers in the Big Apple are only able to travel at an average speed of 12 mph.

Washington DC and San Francisco follow closely behind, with average speeds of 14 mph and 15 mph respectively during peak times. Boston also makes the top five, with drivers taking an average of 18.4 minutes to drive just six miles.

The study analyzed traffic data from major cities across the country, revealing that motorists in the most congested cities are driving at an average of just 17.5 mph during rush hour.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh also made the top 10 list, with drivers in Pennsylvania experiencing long wait times sitting in traffic.

The study highlights the need for cities to invest in transportation infrastructure and explore alternative modes of transportation, such as public transit and biking.

“Congestion not only wastes time and money, but it also contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” said a spokesperson for “We hope this study will encourage cities to prioritize transportation solutions that benefit both drivers and the environment.”

The full list of America’s most congested cities, according to, is as follows:

1. New York City
2. Washington DC
3. San Francisco
4. Los Angeles
5. Boston
6. Chicago
7. Seattle
8. Philadelphia
9. Miami
10. Pittsburgh

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