Alibaba Cloud Launches Blockchain Lab in Shibuya Japan

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Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence center of the Alibaba Group, has launched a blockchain lab in Shibuya, Japan, aimed at helping Japanese game developers explore business opportunities in the Web3.0 era. In partnership with Skeleton Crew Studio and East Express Real Estate Co., Ltd., the lab offers technical support and serves as an incubation hub for game designers to enhance their skills in the latest blockchain technology.

Partnership with Skeleton Crew Studio and East Express Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The lab is open to some customers and hackathon participants who work on Alibaba Cloud and collaboration projects, with engineers from partner companies specializing in Alibaba Cloud and blockchain providing technical support locally. Game developers can attend regular seminars, workshops, and networking events to learn the latest Web3 technology trends and knowledge. They also have direct access to Alibaba Cloud’s Web3 partner ecosystem, which includes Safeheron, NodeReal, and COCOS-BCX.

Safeheron offers a digital asset storage solution for institutional investors, NodeReal provides blockchain infrastructure to enable faster and more scalable web3 game projects, and COCOS-BCX offers a scaling solution provider for the Web3 game ecosystem. Developers have the opportunity to experiment in the test environment on each of these project ecosystems.

Alibaba Cloud will also hold regular events, including the Global Hackathon Event on Web3 called “HAPathon 2023” and the Blockchain Game Hackathon “#asobiHack_Tokyo.” These events provide developers with valuable networking opportunities and a chance to showcase their skills in Web3 game development.

In summary, the launch of the blockchain lab in Shibuya and the partnership with game developers is a significant step in promoting blockchain and Web3.0 technologies in Japan. The lab’s provision of technical support, incubation, and networking opportunities can help drive growth in the Web3 community, particularly in the gaming industry. The lab’s regular events, hackathons, and direct access to Alibaba Cloud’s Web3 partner ecosystem offer a wealth of resources and opportunities for Japanese game developers to stay up to date with the latest Web3 technology trends and knowledge.

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