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In a recent exploit within the cryptocurrency space, an airdrop hunter managed to accumulate over 3.01 million ZK tokens across 85 different wallets. This significant stash of tokens was valued at approximately $753,000, highlighting the extent of the exploitation.

Details of the Exploit

The airdrop hunter strategically distributed the tokens across multiple wallets to avoid detection and maximize their gains. After amassing this substantial amount of ZK tokens, the individual proceeded to deposit 2.71 million ZK tokens into Binance. This deposit, valued at around $678,000, indicates a calculated move to convert the tokens into a more liquid asset.

Furthermore, the hunter sold an additional 300,000 ZK tokens for 20 ETH, which is equivalent to about $69,000. This transaction showcases the hunter’s quick actions to monetize the exploited tokens, taking advantage of the current market conditions.


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