Crypto News

Skybridge Capital Applies For Cryptocurrency ETF And Accumulates $100 Million For ALGO Fund

Polygon ’s Side Of The Story: Hard-Fork Resolved A “Critical Vulnerability”

Zen Capital, Dust Ventures, Dib Ventures, and Scorpio VC are some of the Alf Protocol’s angel investors.

GreedSwap: Super Producers Cool And Dre Help Launch New Coin & Crypto Record Label

Terra’s UST Becomes First Decentralized Stablecoin To Surpass $10B Market Cap

ADALend CEO Kaspars Koskins : “We Are Building a Secure Lending Platform on Cardano”

IOTA to Release Smart Contract Network ‘Assembly’ And Distribute ASMB Token

Crypto Needs Regulation If It’s Going To Survive, Says SEC Boss

ERTHA is now available on KuCoin.

Will Cryptocurrency Mining Withstand Another Government Crackdown?

OpeanSea Transaction Volume Shows That NFTs Are Not Slowing, Here Are Some Projects To Consider

This Crypto Collaboration Aided Health Staff Beaten By Venezuelan Regime

Nexo Eyes SEC Broker Dealer License While U.S. Competitors Face Regulatory Pressure

Terra Announces Non-Profit ‘Luna Foundation Guard’

Australian Super Rest Retirement Fund To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Spellfire was oversubscribed twice, raising a staggering $3.8 million.

Which Cryptocurrencies Have Seen the Worst Drop Since All-Time Highs?

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, is looking forward to another crypto winter.

Dfinity Foundation Launches $215 Million Grant To Boost Developer Ecosystem

Stellar Development Foundation Takes Part In Abra $55 Million Series C Funding

Solana: A Quick Review And Look Ahead

32,000 Shiba Inu owners have abandoned the ‘Dogecoin Killer.’

A Novel NFT Economy Can Benefit Wizardia’s Players and Investors

Plutus: ADALend’s Decentralized Application Backend

CryptoPunks Owner Declines Record-setting $9.5 Million Offer, Explains Why 

The Altcoin Evolution – Part IV: The Challenges – The Sales Pitch

The SEC and Ripple have reached an agreement to extend their legal battle until 2023.

Time For The Apes: Mutant Ape Yacht Club And BAYC Sales Surge, Floor Prices Spike More Than 40%

Altcoin Evolution – Part V: The Closing Recap

Top Dog Or A Meme Joke: Shiba Inu Slumps 5% As Whales Buy More

Latest Crypto News

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Ambitions to Take Over the Metaverse!

"Unveiling the Mysterious Bored Ape Yacht Club," a new paper from Huobi Research Institute, a major blockchain research firm, was ...
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Bitcoin reaches $45k as a result of the ‘PetroBitcoin’ sentiment.

Bitcoin surged above critical resistance levels to reach highs last seen in February, aided by a slew of macroeconomic factors ...
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The amount of power used by global air conditioning is 16 times that of Bitcoin.

When people hear about cryptocurrencies, one of the first things they say is how horrible they are for the environment ...
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Union Bank of the Philippines to Enhance Crypto Trading & Custody Services

Union Bank of the Philippines plans to choose Metaco and IBM to enhance cryptocurrency trading and custody services, taking advantage ...
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400 accounts have been hacked, and the CEO has confirmed that all affected clients have been compensated.

According to a Bloomberg interview, Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto wallet provider and trading platform, said he would be ...
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Ethereum Topside Bias Vulnerable If It Breaks This Key Support

Ethereum trimmed gains from the $4,800 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH is down 5% and it might decline further if there is a break ...
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DeFi Users on Ethereum Hit 4M for the First Time

Ethereum DeFi users reached a historic high of 4 million based on continued adoption. (Read More)Source ...
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nft mania slows with tapering transaction volume on top marketplaces

NFT Mania Slows with Tapering Transaction Volume on Top Marketplaces

NFT transaction volume is on the low, showing a broad disinterest in digital collectables. (Read More)Source ...
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ftx cryptocurrency exchange launches a marketplace for selling and buying nfts

FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches a Marketplace for Selling and Buying NFTs

FTX has launched a marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The development paves the way for users globally to seamlessly create, sell, ...
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DEFI NEWS Report: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon are leading ‘yield farming’ resurgence

A new DeFi report by crypto services platform dove into yield farming opportunities and DeFi adoption across newer blockchains ...
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