Crypto News

Do Kwon Came With New Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan with LUNA Fork

The European Union will begin testing CBDC in 2023 – ECB 

The LUNA Foundation Guard is looking for ways to repay Users.

El Salvador President has announced that 44 countries will meet to discuss Bitcoin.

The Secret Of Crypto.Com Has Reversed LUNA Gains.


DeFi total value locked (TVL) had dropped by more than 40%

Goldman Sachs warns companies to ready for a US recession, declaring it a’very, very high risk.’

Bitcoin crosses the $30K mark, and altcoins follow trend after terra luna fiasco 

With a $30 million BTC transfer, Bitcoin Whale finally breaks his 8-year silence.

Today’s Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Price in a Standoff, but Plunges to $28K

RCD Espanyol, a Spanish soccer team, will be the first to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Regulators from around the world are considering forming a joint body to coordinate crypto rules.

Crypto criminal leads share between the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands including a possible $1 billion Ponzi scheme.

The CEO of Binance does not believe Terra LUNA recovery strategy will succeed.

Emirates will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Despite its low price, Bitcoin hashrate remains high as the difficulty level reaches new highs.

Decentraland $MANA has increased by about 60%

NFT Prices Fall Following Crypto Market Chaos

TOP Bitcoin Ethereum DeFi Crypto Exchanges

Ripple XRP Price Remains Above $0.40

Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon is “HeartBroken”

Block production on the Terra blockchain has restarted.

Ethereum soaring back to above $2k level up 10% 

LUNA Has Minted 2 Trillion Luna coins In Just Hours

Top of Mind: Staying Focused During Market Downturns

Coinbase Pay, the easiest way to purchase or transfer crypto, is now available for web3 developers

Hoskinson blames Wall Street for the crypto market fall.

The SEC Chair has issued a warning to cryptocurrency exchanges

Justin Sun has transfer 100 million worth of USDT to Binance, Pump Coming?

Latest Crypto News

El Salvador President has announced that 44 countries will meet to discuss Bitcoin.

El Salvador's President, Nayib Bukele, stated on Twitter that a meeting of 32 central banks and 12 financial agencies from ...
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The Secret Of Crypto.Com Has Reversed LUNA Gains.

For a brief while, a technical issue on the mobile application let customers to earn 30x to 40x on ...
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Bitcoin has begun a decent comeback wave from the $25,000 support level. BTC accelerated its rise above the $28,000 mark ...
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Bitcoin drops to $34K as the number of daily active addresses reaches a five-month high.

Bitcoin drops to $34K as the number of daily active addresses reaches a five-month high. The Bitcoin network has 1.17 ...
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Damac Properties, a Dubai-based real estate developer, now accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Damac Homes, a leading real estate developer located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), said on Wednesday that it will ...
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Ethereum will continue to outperform Bitcoin.

Ethereum rises in shorter timeframes and quickly reclaims previous highs. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization recently broke through an important resistance level of $3,000 ...
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Exchanges have seen unprecedented outflows of Ether, while Bitcoin has broken over the $43,000 barrier.

Bitcoin (BTC), which is currently trading above $43,000 at press time, has seen more than 15,000 BTC in withdrawals from exchanges this week as it ...
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APENFT Marketplace Makes NFT Drops in the TRON Ecosystem Available

By distributing special Genesis NFT badges live on March 31, APENFT Marketplace hopes to decrease the entrance barrier for users ...
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DOJ Charges Two People in Million-Dollar Scheme to Defraud Investors in NFT Rug Pull

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged two individuals in connection with a million-dollar non-fungible token (NFT) "rug ...
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Cardano’s ZK Rolloups-based scaling solution has been revealed. 

The official blog post by the team behind Cardano’s first ZK Rollup dubbed ‘Orbis’ revealed how the solution will allow ...
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Harmony will deploy Onomy's hybrid DEX/Forex market.

Harmony will deploy Onomy’s hybrid DEX & Forex market.

Onomy Protocol recently announced teaming up with  Harmony, adding the highly scalable, low-energy blockchain based on a sharded architecture to ...
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