October 27, 2021

hong kong based startup animoca brands increases shares in kikitrade to deepen partnership

Hong Kong-based Startup Animoca Brands Increases Shares in Kikitrade to Deepen Partnership

Following Kikitrade's plan to widen its participation in the blockchain gaming and non-fungible token market, Hong Kong-based startup firm Animoca Brands has increased its shareholding to become the second-largest shareholder. (Read More)Source blockchain.news ...
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do crypto holders need to fear the digital dollar

Do crypto holders need to fear the digital dollar?

Through central banking, the U.S. government has already demonstrated it has access to infinity money printing. If it launches a CBDC – central bank digital currency – what would that mean for the value of ...
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TA: Ethereum Gains Momentum, Why Bulls Could Aim More Upsides

Ethereum started a fresh increase above $4,200 against the US Dollar. ETH could gain pace if there is a clear  break above $4,250 in the near term.

Elon Musk Reveals How Much He Owns Of Dogecoin Rival, Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has been giving Dogecoin a run for its money recently and some might even say it has left the OG meme coin behind in the dust. For weeks now, SHIB has rallied, culminating ...
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ripple price prediction xrp usd trades around 1 14 resistance

Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD Trades Around $1.14 Resistance

Ripple Price Prediction – October 25 The Ripple price renews the bullish trend after testing the support level of $1.04 since the European session. XRP/USD Market Key Levels: Resistance levels: $1.25, $1.30, $1.35 Support levels: ...
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200m fund for crypto projects launch by sino global with ftx backing

$200M Fund For Crypto Projects Launch By Sino Global With FTX Backing

The Beijing-based crypto firm Sino Global Capital launched a $200 million fund backed up by crypto exchange FTX to invest in projects such as DeFi, Web 3.0, and NFT infrastructure. The news was first reported ...
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On-Chain Data Shows Surge In Stablecoins Supply Pouring Into Bitcoin

On-chain data shows a recent rise in the number of stablecoin addresses sending to exchanges, suggesting an increase in dry powder supply pumping into Bitcoin. Stablecoins Exchange Inflow Addresses Count Recently Surges As pointed out ...
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bitcoin cash price prediction bch usd market concurrently holds at 600

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD Market Concurrently Holds at $600

BCH/USD Market Continually Holds at $600 level – October 25
The BCH/USD market concurrently holds at $600 level with lighter promising buy signs a bit over the value line. The crypto-economic price trades around $627 at ...
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Just 17% of all Ethereum addresses bought 80% of all NFTs this year

A report by Moonstream has revealed that 17 percent of addresses control over 80% of all Ethereum-based NFTs. 17% Eth addresses own 80% of NFTs The research analyzed over 7 million NFTs transactions on the ...
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security psa airdrop phishing campaign

Security PSA: Airdrop Phishing Campaign

By Coinbase Security TeamAs a part of our mission to build a safe and open financial system, we actively monitor for any security threats not only to Coinbase but to the crypto ecosystem as a whole ...
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