7.7 Years of Hibernation: Ethereum ICO Investor Awakens

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7.7 Years of Hibernation: Ethereum ICO Investor Awakens

An Ethereum ICO participant has woken up after a 7.7 year inactivity and transferred 1 $ETH to a new address. This individual received a whopping 2,365 $ETH which is worth approximately $4.42 million as of now. This transfer took place at Ethereum Genesis, where the ETH ICO price was approximately $0.31.


According to etherscan.io, it appears that this person was simply testing a single transaction before potentially selling off all of their ETH holdings. It’s clear that this individual wasn’t having any financial issues before this windfall, but now they are certainly in a different financial position.

It’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy at the 1000x returns this individual has made on their initial investment. With a return of 575,990% and an average annual return of 74,803%, it’s no wonder why this story is currently trending.

Many are wondering why this person didn’t wake up in 2021 when ETH was at its all-time high of $733. Regardless, this is a remarkable example of the potential gains in the cryptocurrency market, and it’s no wonder why people are talking about it.

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