April 1, 2023

OPNX Raises $25 Million for Controversial Exchange

The controversial “Open Exchange” (OPNX) has reached its fundraising goal of $25 million, according to a Twitter thread from DefiIgnas. The exchange, headed by once-failed Crypto CEOs, plans to build a platform for trading the bankruptcy claims of other fallen crypto exchanges and firms that let creditors out to dry during the 2022 bear market. The founders have yet to reveal their benefactors.

CoinFLEX Restructuring Deal Approved

Collapsed crypto exchange CoinFLEX has revealed that its restructuring deal has been approved by a Seychelles court. The news briefly pumped the price of its token. The exchange had previously announced that it would be restructuring its operations and laying off staff due to financial difficulties. The approval of the restructuring deal is seen as a positive step for the exchange’s future.

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