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Ethena Labs Approves $250 Million Allocation for USDeFRAX POL

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Ethena Labs has given the green light to the Singularity Roadmap proposal put forth by Frax Finance. This strategic move involves earmarking a substantial sum of up to $250 million for the USDeFRAX POL through the Curve AMO platform.

FRAX has begun adding USDe POL, which is expected to create one of the deepest pools of dollar liquidity on-chain. This move aims to enhance the liquidity and stability of FRAX tokens

The integration of USDe POL is expected to bolster Frax Finance’s position as a key player in the DeFi landscape, offering users increased flexibility and potential returns.

Ethena Labs expresses excitement about working together with the FRAX team in the coming months to grow the on-chain dollar economy.


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