Ethereum Testnet Upgrade Postponed

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An update to the testnet for the highly anticipated Cancun/Deneb has been postponed, according to Ethereum developers. The delay is due to the requirement for an extra three weeks prior to Devnet-12’s launch, which could push the potential release into early December.

There is a possibility that the Goerli network’s testing phase will be impacted by the Devnet-12 launch postponement. As the Ethereum community now prepares for a testing process delay that could last until the first quarter of 2024, the Devconnect conference is set for mid-November.

The Ethereum developers recently released a statement in which they reaffirmed their commitment to guaranteeing a seamless upgrade and emphasized the need of extensive testing to address any potential problems prior to the mainnet release.

The decision to delay the testnet upgrade was made to allow for comprehensive testing of the new features and improvements introduced in the Cancun/Deneb upgrade. Ethereum developers are keen on avoiding any unforeseen issues that could arise during the testing phase, emphasizing the importance of a robust and secure network.


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