Multichain Service Suspended, Bridge Transactions on Hold

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The Multichain service, a popular platform for bridging transactions between different blockchain networks, has currently come to a halt. This unexpected suspension has caused significant disruption, leaving bridge transactions stuck on the source chains. As a result, users are advised to refrain from using the Multichain bridging service until further notice.

In addition to the suspension of the Multichain service, there has been a concerning development involving the lockup assets on the Multichain MPC address. These assets have been moved to an unknown address in an abnormal manner, raising questions and concerns among users. The Multichain team is actively investigating this incident to determine the cause and assess any potential impact.

The suspension of the Multichain service and the abnormal movement of lockup assets have created an atmosphere of uncertainty and caution. With the service temporarily unavailable, bridge transactions that facilitate the transfer of assets between different blockchain networks are currently halted. This situation has prompted the Multichain team to recommend that all users suspend the use of Multichain services and revoke any contract approvals until further updates are provided.

Please don’t use the Multichain bridging service now.


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